Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions and answers that may prove helpful to you for my wedding services!

Q: What is your style?

A: I’ll most likely be doing natural light photography on the day, so there won’t be flashes around unless it gets too dark at night or we want to try something out, but we’ll be looking for naturally lit locations throughout the day and focusing on the emotion of the moments. I try to be like a photojournalist for the ceremony, capturing those unique and small moments of beauty that undoubtedly will happen but without getting in the way, and then naturally posed images for the bridal party and newly weds photoshoot. I deliver both colour and certain choice black and white images to you once fully retouched.

Q: Will it just be you?

A: I will be the only photographer on the day, although I do offer at an additional fee a second assistant photographer to capture more of the day.

Q: What is “Retouching”?

A: Retouching (or sometimes more simply put: “Editing”) is the process undertaken behind the scenes. Once your day is over, I go to work bringing my signature style into the images and completing them - this is an essential step in most photographers workflow, and is usually the reason a photographer will rarely give out ‘RAW’ images to anybody, it’s essentially paying for half of someones work. It’s for this reason as well that it doesn’t cost you anything less to be given the ‘RAW’ files instead of the finished files, and it would actually cost more to request those files. I charge $399 for all the RAW files from the images that I’ve already given to you.

Q: How will we get the images?

A: I will deliver all images - usually a few hundred - to you via an online gallery! Or, any of the other services listed below.

Q: What other services do you offer?

A: Some additional things I offer brides and grooms, are a custom designed slideshow with your chosen audio that gets delivered first, that way you see all of the special moments in order and with music - great for the family. We also offer a custom designed photobook up to 40 pages, and larger printed imagery up to any size. All prices for these are upon request!

Q: Do you offer Videography services?

A: For weddings, I only do Photography under my own name - for video, I work closely with Ben O’Sullivan from True North Films. I have a bias for “Ben’s”, and so I always recommend you hire two of us to capture your day in twice as much beauty.
A wedding film is one of the most valuable things you can invest in along with Photography - There’s nothing like hiring a passionate creator to capture your day, it’ll turn out far beyond your expectations and you’ll be able to remember it in the perfect way.

Q: Should we provide you a timeline for our wedding day? What do you need time for?

A: Yes please! I work around you! I want your day to be planned in a way that suits your needs, and so I rely upon your schedule to fit into - The only thing I ask is that you create a 2-3 hour period at some point in the day to take the newly weds and bridal party for an exclusive photoshoot outdoors! Usually I plan this for around 2 hours before Sunset.

Q: Do we pay travel costs?

A: If the travel is over 60 minutes from Brisbane, I do require an additional fee for travel expenses, yes. If the location is further than 3 hours drive, then usually I will require lodging for the night prior to wake up early and begin the day, which would add an additional fee too depending on options.

Q: Do you have a contract?

A: Yes! I have a contract that I require signage of, it states how you own the photo rights, and the limit of my usage of them, and other important things to ensure I can’t do anything you wouldn’t want with the images of you! It can be signed on your laptop easily rather than being printed out.

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: I ask for $500 up front to lock in and reserve your date as soon as you’ve made the final decision, and the rest upon completion of the wedding day, or before the wedding day commences, whichever suits you best. After full payment is received the photos will be delivered - I ask for that deposit payment upon contract signage, no less than 8 weeks out from the potential wedding date.

Q: Do you have a cancellation or refund policy?

A: Yes! If you cancel after the $500 upfront payment is made and contract signed, that fee will be non-refundable as it will most likely mean the date of your wedding I will have told other potential clients I’m not available on, therefore losing income. But, if you cancel and another client books that date, then I’ll refund 70% of the deposit. The entirety of the refund policy and cancellation policy is stated in the contract you’ll receive!

Q: If the wedding runs overtime, does it cost extra?

A: Depending on each package, they do have a time limit to them, e.g. if I commence the day at 8am for preparations, and then reception happens to run from 4pm-7pm, but happens to keep going and you would prefer that I stay on until 9pm, I would ask for an additional $120 per hour to stay past the agreed upon amount of time.

Q: What happens if we want to meet up before the wedding date?

A: In my higher package I guarantee we’ll make a time to meet in person and discuss the day, as well as do a pre-wedding test shoot for two hours to get a bit more comfortable in front of the camera before the day, and check out the venue and locations if distance of travel permits.

Q: I want to send you my inspiration photos for the wedding, can we take photos like that?

A: Do it! I appreciate if you send me your inspiration boards, but keep in mind: What you see on the internet, like on Pinterest and other wedding websites, isn’t going to match up with reality quite often. Many wedding photographs that become viral and are seen on Pinterest take a lot of time to create, some even have large budgets and the photos are taken only for a magazine or publication, not even a real wedding. Sometimes the key to getting those surreal and beautiful wedding images is a whole day of photographing just the couple on another day than the wedding. Of course, it’s my job to capture you and your day beautifully and I never work half-heartedly.

Q: What will you and/or other photographer be wearing?

A: Usually a simple outfit, white shirt, dress pants and shoes, the key is not many layers when running around with a camera. If you have specific requests for clothing, make them known as soon as possible!

Q: Have you ever cancelled a wedding, or not shown up?

A: Never ever! I don’t plan on it and it’s never happened, but in the case of an emergency like an injury or such, I have an emergency plan B.

Q: Can I purchase a photo album or slideshow after the wedding date?

A: Yes! Of course, even smaller parent albums are available, and printed images whenever you want through a professional printing business on high-grade paper, for events like Christmas or an anniversary - Although if those requests are made after 12 months from the wedding date, I ask for an additional small fee of $45 on top of it.

Q: What do you recommend if I want to get printed images?

A: I offer printed images! It’s not well known, but printing images is an entire skillset in itself, and so I work closely with a professional printing studio to ensure the “RAW” file is sharpened and prepared with different digital “colour profiles” that make it look the best it possibly can, as well as using high-quality matte or gloss photography papers - the files I deliver to you will be print-ready at 300PPI, but you won’t be able to print them very large, most likely 4x6 inches would be best, that is why I suggest getting in contact with me when you’d like an image printed, it really makes a difference.

Thank you for reading! If you have questions that are not listed here, please ask!