Endless Candles: “elegance”


This is a short 1 minute advertisement for the new range by Endless Candles, “Elegance”. Endless candles is a product by Mary Grace, that is a family run business and has been operating for over 15 years. They started as a flagship store in a little town called Picton, NSW. Over the years they have evolved into the brand you now see today, at ‘MaryGrace.com.au’.


I worked with the Director, Charli Burrowes to achieve the desired end result- one full day shoot in a hired house at Meleny, and the house cost under $1,000 for the whole day, we shot campaign images and video all at the same time. We hired out gear, costing under $300 for video gear, and then we got to work! It’s ideal to have someone on set who is a great stylist, as it means you’re getting it right the first time with both video and photo, and it means your team can focus on fulfilling your roles to the best of your abilities without stressing. A good stylist can charge up to and beyond a few thousand dollars for a full days work. As a filmmaker, you always have to be mindful of what roles are necessary, and you have to make that clear to all the people involved. If a client wants live audio- then a sound recordist is necessary. If we want behind-the-scenes content, then you add another person to the team. More people on the team means you have to pay them all, and costs go up.


Director / Stylist: Charli Burrowes
DP / Editor: Benjamin Andrew