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journey through china - Coming Soon!

Back in 2016, I travelled through China. I took a Canon 7D, a Nikon F301, and I had never filmed a film on more than an iPhone, so I took a DJI Osmo with me as well. What ensued was 11 days of flying 16,000km, walking 110km, and taking 230GB of photo's and video. I had only started taking photos roughly a year before this, and looking back I wish I took more cameras.

The memories are fond, the pictures are some of my favourites I've ever taken, just because it captures so many new sights and the feelings coupled with them for me. I love it. I can't wait to travel further, feel, smell, and experience new sights all the time. Make sure to click on any images to view the full-resolution size.

Sit back, scroll on, and let your imagination take you in - I hope it makes you want to get out there.



1: Shanghai to changzhou

Shanghai is absurd. Beautiful in it’s chaos. Loud, proud, and bustling every hour of the day. Take a look!


2: Changzhou to LIJIANG

This was one of the most memorable experiences of my trip to China. Yunnan, a beautiful place. The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain was stunning, and the old town of Lijiang at night. 
The energy, the aromas, the smiles. It was a special time.