Film: "See It With Sound" - MusicBed Challenge Submission!




For this “Spec Ad”, we turned it around in 10 days from concept to final product - A small team of creatives coming together to create a passionate video.
My role was the Director of Photography, so for this it involved lighting the scenes and camera operating, and then assisting editing and colourgrading - The final shot of the film is in the living room, and this was filmed after the sun was down so we had a 120D light on the side window for daylight and more from the front and the door.
I shot most the scenes and switched out with the director whenever arms got tired - we used the Panasonic GH5, with Sigma 18-35mm lens with a Ronin stabiliser.
Then a few days of editing it down! Massive thank you to the house owner and to the production company owner that gave us lights, camera, and therefore: action. A team effort, and many prayers answered.
A promotional product film like this would cost upwards of $5,000, for talent, location, gear, and film crew.


Son / Salomon Lukonga
Mother / Senayt Mebrahtu
Director / Ben O'Sullivan
Director of Photography / Benjamin Andrew
Editing, Colouring, and Sound Design by
Ben O'Sullivan & Benjamin Andrew.

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