Film: "See It With Sound" - MusicBed Challenge Submission!




It’s official! We were the 1st Runner Up in the competition! Or, 2nd place!!!! Huge. So, for this ‘Spec Ad’, we turned it around in 10 days from concept to final product - A small team of creatives coming together to create a passionate video.
My role was the Director of Photography, so for this it involved lighting the scenes and camera operating, and then assisting editing and colourgrading - The final shot of the film is in the living room, and this was filmed after the sun was down so we had a 120D light on the side window for daylight and more from the front and the door.
I shot most the scenes and switched out with the director whenever arms got tired - we used the Panasonic GH5, with Sigma 18-35mm lens with a Ronin stabiliser.
Then a few days of editing it down! Massive thank you to the house owner and to the production company owner that gave us lights, camera, and therefore: action. A team effort, and many prayers answered.


Son / Salomon Lukonga
Mother / Senayt Mebrahtu
Director / Ben O'Sullivan
Director of Photography / Benjamin Andrew
Editing, Colouring, and Sound Design by
Ben O'Sullivan & Benjamin Andrew.

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