Travel: Hong Kong with Jarrad Seng


Jarrad Seng x Tumi

Recently, I travelled to Hong Kong for 5 days with Jarrad to shoot video and photo for Tumi Backpacks and Qantas. It was one of the most challenging experiences.

You never know what to expect being hired by someone you’ve looked up to as a master of his craft on the interwebs. It’s a correctly daunting situation to find yourself in. An honour nonetheless, but the possibility of failure is always an option. Fear of it? No. But the acknowledgement of the possibility brings motivation. Now the task is to put that motivation to use, coupled with your experience and do your very best with what you have. I hope you get to see what we made over there.


If you’d like to see my images from our time there, I’ve put it in a gallery, so click below to view my Hong Kong street photography!