Travel: South Australia // Drone Photography Tips


Drone Photography with the DJI Mavic Pro.

A few months back, I went to South Australia and my newly bought drone, here are some of the images and tips!

Aldinga, South Australia.

Aldinga, South Australia.

Tip #1:

Try not to fly out of line of sight. I flew the drone down into the above pictured cove and it went out of sight, that's when signal dropped way off and almost lost connection. If you do lose connection, it may attempt to fly home by itself, in which case it remembers the path to get home, but I've heard of it not remembering the altitude in which it came, and so if it's down in a cove, it'll try flying home which will end up with it crashing into a cliff.


Tip #2:

Make sure that before you take off at all, that you have enough bars of signal to satellites and GPS, as if you take off and then notice you have no signal it could start flying in any direction and won't stop flying once you let go of the knobs, meaning you have to be quickly trying to make it hover and stay still with only using the sticks. The App won't tell you the signal is low or non-existent until you've taken off, which may be too late to save it from drifting by itself into something, so make sure to notice that first.


Tip #3:

Think of locations you're used to seeing, but try taking the drone out and give it a shot.
You never know what cool things align from the sky until you try!


Final Tips:

Here's some super simple ones!
- If a hat could get blown off your head, it's probably too windy to fly.
- Check the "Can I Fly There" app, just to make sure...
- Get Drone Insurance. Just do it. Either from retailer or third party. Alright cool.