SHORT-FILM: "Bloom Girl"


“Bloom Girl”


Here it is. Months of work, for director Charli Burrowes, as promotion to sell her new helium heart balloon art series which sold out!
It’s a film about letting go, failing, pursuing wrong identities to try to find who you are, and then learning how to be yourself. Take a watch!




Months of pre-production, 11 days in Milan and Venice, and 2 months of editing- then we showed it at Elizabeth Picture Theatres to a sold out crowd. What a blessing to be able to do what you enjoy with good people. Here’s some photos from Italy below while we filmed, and some from the screening!

A phenomenal project to be a part of by a Director who is fully invested in being a confident creative force in the world. The art series it promoted is now sold out.



Directed by Charli Burrowes
Producer: Carla Grant and Assistant Producer Madison Sturgess
Animation: Elly-Rose Burrowes
Cinematography, Editing, Color, and Music Composition by Benjamin Andrew



An honour to be entrusted with a vision; given the handlebars to a dream and told to bring it into reality. What a thing to do.

Location scouts during the day.

Venice canals on a sunny day.

The above scene shot from 3am in Venice. Below freezing conditions, not many layers of clothes. An absolute legendary team of passionate people.


Friends in Italy. What a time.

Event: The Screening - May 10, Brisbane.

The Team + Friends. Minus Carla.

Thanks for checking in! Hope you liked it!

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