Film: "The Definition of Art" with MeOhMy


The Definition of Art

With MeOhMy, I recently created this short film. 
As stated on Instagram by Charli, the director, about the title of her online inquisition into the Definition of Art, "What do I think is the Definition of Art? It’s us. Becoming whoever the hell we’re meant to be. Social media is the new paintbrush. We ourselves are the canvas. And a witty IG caption or nice pic has become how we choose to frame our stories.
Me and my many versions of self have some things to say about what it’s like to figure yourself out online.
What I’m beginning to think is that it takes a lot more than a trip to Paris (or tokyo, new york, barcelona, greece, italy, singapore, the world, et al) or a fancy new hair cut to actually change. Real, proper being a better person/growing up is something you have to actively try at. It’s not some trend you can co-opt from social media or pull out of a trip overseas.

The pursuit of perfection might be a bust. 
Maybe it takes a lifetime to become our best self, and even then, maybe it’s so far from perfect, our half-hearted iridescence would still make the stars blush. But if we can get to a place in the interim where we’re okay with being imperfect, and work (like really bloody try) our best to be better, then maybe that’s okay. In the meantime, maybe we should be a little more careful of getting too caught up in how we display the artwork."

Director: Charli Burrowes
DOP/Editor/Colorist: Benjamin Andrew
Producer: Carla Grant