Photos: Short-Film "Rosewater" (BTS + Promo)



Here’s some imagery I captured for Ben O’Sullivans latest short-film. It’s a testament to the beauty of creativity when a bunch of people get together and sacrifice their time and resources to create something they believe in.
This was a great team of passionate individuals who are undoubtedly going to share many meaningful stories to come.

Poster image by me!

Poster image by me!

Synopsis: A dark revelation has left Troy and his wife separated. Now uncertain and bitter about their future together, Troy finds himself yearning dangerously for a temporal fix from his reality in the form of another woman.

View the short-film, and vote for it in the UnScene Film Competition,
to give these guys an opportunity to keep doing what they’re so good at.

Below are BTS and Promo images taken on the shoot!

Check out the their work through these links!
Ben O’Sullivan / Dave Meikle / Matt Bettinson